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Anybody played a Stepanhouser

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I'm sure I misspelled the name but Jim at Scimonetti's is selling them. Calls them the new Cannonball/P Mauriets. K
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I know a Gemeinhardt rep and he asked me to play a couple of these horns.

The alto played alright. The action was nice and light, but felt very cheap nonetheless. The tone was lacking. It played very well in tune, but there were a couple of issues that I don't recall offhand. The finish wasn't too impressive to me but i'm not a fan of "vintage"/matte finishes.

I also played a silver plated tenor. The action was very stiff. Might be better once it broke in, I don't know. This one played about the same as the alto. Good dynamic range on this horn, might have been more well setup. Neither horn had pearls or abalone key touches, which put me off.

All in all, not too impressive considering some of the other Taiwanese offerings.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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