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Not sure if this is allowed to post here, but figured I would give it a go and see if I can spread some money-saving love...

The store where I work recently did their yearly stock count and found a Yani 9935 alto that had never taken out of its box and never been put on display. Because the horn was sitting in its case for a little while (maybe a year?), the price that is attached to it is also a bit outdated- $4400. Not a screaming deal, but $400 cheaper than anywhere else I have found. The horn is in new condition, looks brand new, sold as new, coming with all the attendant warrantees etc. Might be a money-saver for any of you out there looking for one of these.

Sam Ash Manhattan

I do not get commission from sales or repairs, but it certainly would make me look good if someone mentioned that you heard about the horn from Matt if any of you guys ends up going to get it.

Also, if you are out of state you can save yourself the taxes by either buying it over the phone and having it shipped or buying it in the store and having it shipped to you rather than leaving with it that day.

If this needs to get deleted, I understand, but please note I will not benefit monetarily from its sale.

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Hi Matt,

This really belongs in the market place section, but I'm going to leave it here for a few weeks, and then move it there.

Thanks for posting the heads up. Someone should take advantage of that deal on a superb horn.
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