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Anybody know which online stores are shipping?

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I just bought a used JodyJazz HR* for my tenor, and I need a lig. I ordered a Rovner SS-2R from WWBW, and it turned out that after I ordered, they shut down their warehouse, and the new shipping date is 6/19. I cancelled that, and ordered from Prowinds, who responded that they are open, but not sure how their inventory is. Anybody know of online retailers who have stuff to ship? Thanks.
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I'd go with Woodsy's or Weinermusic, both of which are real music stores (with brick and mortar locations) and still shipping.

I'd avoid Prowinds like the plague. Their customer service is non-existent, and even long before the COVID-19 restrictions it was common for their shipments to be delayed by months.

Edit: see this thread for examples of very poor experiences with Pro Winds.
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