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Here's an update for anyone foolish enough to retain interest in this thread . . . . Last night the band had what was my first ever performance in a jazz band. This would have happened in June, but they moved the end of term performance date a week later due to scheduling conflict, and I was out of the country then and couldn't make the show.

We had six practice sessions over the summer before last night's show. I think with maybe another six weeks or so, I might really have gotten those tunes down pretty well. :bluewink::mrgreen:

Seriously, I was pretty happy with my playing, only having to ghost on a few parts of the harder songs. No major screw ups on my part (though certainly at least a few minor ones).
Thanks for sharing an update.

Are you able to practice the charts between rehearsals? That can make a huge difference.

Applause and respect for getting out there and committing to playing in a big band! Live music is where it's at.
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