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Any Suggestions??

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:| Have numerous mouthpieces, playing Reference alto and tenor. Have a Yana for the tenor and believe it or not, love the performance of the Super S80 that shipped with the alto. In regards to the tenor,Want to continue metal mouthpiece exploration, so fire away guys and girls. Dukoff seems one direction I am going, thanks.
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I have a beechler bellite #6 Im thinking of selling... Ive moved on to larger tips and darker sounds.
Me again!

Ok,, Bobby Dukoff Tenor D chamber vs's S. Has anyone at all expierience with both that can make some comments on how they perform. The S chamber is supposed to be a little brighter, but I would appreciate any comments from any that have used these. Thanks. For any interested I play in the Kingsport TN region and will play specials at your church, have my own music, and renumeration is never asked for. Did the gig scene, now play for my Lord. Any that so desire, you can view us live Sunday Mngs @ 10:00 am WWW.Miraculous.Org. God Bless and thanks for any input.
I've owned and used a D7 and D8 as well as a new style Brilhart Levelaire for at least 25 years (on the Dukoff D7). I recently bought a Ponzol M2 110 from Woodwind Brasswind on a trial basis. I really like it, my bandmates hear a noticable difference and like it, and most of all, my wife really likes it.:) It cuts through nice and loudly and doesn't sound thin on top with a nice core to the bottom. Quality control is excellent as well. He hand finishes it before it gets gold plated.. If you want even brighter, try his M2+ or a Guardala Lasertrim King or Superking from WoodwindBrasswind. They're on sale now.Dukoff is really hit or miss nowadays. I've tried some new ones that I literally couldn't produce a sound on. Those are my suggestions. Here is their website. If you order, do it by phone.
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Pete Thomas said:
Why limit yourself to metal mouthpieces?
Cos they look so coooool;)

:)Actually I prefer them because they are that bit smaller in my mouth, and having almost always played metal anything else feels too big now.

Keep the suggestions coming. I appreciate the comments. I can't go back and look at the ID's of answers or comments to my original post without losing my space right here so I will try to address some of the posts that were kind enough to offer suggestions. 1. I have heard simiular things said about the hit or miss with the Dukoffs. 2. I have not found a composite mouthpiece that (even some customs I had made) had the bright sassy sound I manage to get with a metal. When switching from alto to tenor, the metal seems to find it's home faster (size difference from the alto Selmer SS80 that is a composite and I love it). I have yet to find a composite for the tenor that is identical (bore and chamber I guess) to the Selmer Super Session 80. The 3 I have all sound like the sax is played through a wet cardboard box. The Yanagisawa #7 I use with the Tenor just seems to make the Reference Pop with life and brightness, yet can sweet talk a pretty ballad with sentimental feeling soft as you please. Now your going to flip, but it is true. I can lube up the SS80 alto, slip it down on the tenor and make it walk on water, so I fret that it may be embouchure related. Thanks for the come backs. DeSax.
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