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Any Keilwerth ST90 owners out there?

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I picked up one of these a few months back, and have been digging it so far. After two eBay hiccups, and a third from another shop on used horns, I got a nice price on a nearly-new ST90 from WWBW. Thought I was getting a European horn, but like so many other makers of anything today, Keilwerth outsources the ST's to Jupiter, and the horn's serial number carries an "ROC" suffix, denoting Taiwan.

The overall build quality is solid, and I get a pretty full tone (Dukoff 7, Rico Royal 2.5s). I will be moving to harder reeds soon, but just getting my lip together after three years of grad school where I wasn't playing much.

Couple of questions: can anyone tell me the history of the different "Series", where they're apparently up to Series IV. What's less clear is whether this applies to Bari. Some of the Keilwerth pages indicate that the baris are also Series IV, while other pages just cite the ST90 (no series designation). If the baris have different Series, can anyone tell me what has been improved from version to version?

Secondly, and more importantly, what's you overall take on the horn having owned it? Some refer to the ST as a student model, others call it an intermediate horn. I would tend toward the latter. Not being a powerhouse bari player, I dig mine: good sound, good ergos, good action. But I'd like to get some other perspectives.


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Dave, How is your Keilwerth ST90 bari going? I have been looking at getting one for doubling. Would be interested to hear your comments.
I own one, and I'm in college now for music. It has definately gotten the job done in All-County Ensembles and at All-State auditions. My school has a MKVI bari that has worse intonation than my ST90. Its definitely a solid horn. In terms of sound, I prefer that of a 12m, but unfortunately I've been unsuccessful in finding one. I can say that so far, the ST90 has definitely been worth it.
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