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Zoot21 said:
When I get out of college, I'll have to give my current horn back to the school. (Selmer SA 80 II Alto). One of my friends offered to sell me a P. Mauriat for about $1,000 new.

I'm wondering if this is a worthwhile investment, since I'll be selling my Cannonball to pay for the new horn, whatever I get. Should I go for the PM or should I go with a more tried and true horn, like my very own Selmer SA 80II?:?
Why don't you go playtest a bunch of horns? I did, and I walked out with an SA80II over a A992, but I could easily see why someone else's tone preference would lead them to a Yani, Yamaha, or P. Mauriat that I played (I played the 60NS) Wasn't too impressed with the 60NS, but I only got to try one, and the others might be better.

I think the 60NS is an SA80II stencil, but I don't know for sure... it looked awfully similar to the SA80's I played, didn't sound the same. Consequently, there was another SA80II there that was horrible...

Bottom line: You'll never know what horn you like until you try it! So try it!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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