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Antigua winds Inc. launched a new model ? Antigua Pro G42 coming in January, 2011

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G42 saxophones are crafted by artisans using a special alloy of “french brass” material which can create accurate response and strong resonance. The specially designed gold brass ratio is experimented by Antigua’s professional metallurgists and this model is played and critiqued by professional players to reach the best performance. And the new production process of the inner body can bring you lower resistance and smooth airflow.

Here is my set-up for testing: Meyer Richie Cole edition mouthpiece, Hemke two and half reeds, and Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature. We did detailed analysis of frequencies to compare G42 with quite a few other horns. The picture below illustrates the frequencies of G42 performance are very similar to other leading models. We particularly prefer low-end frequencies because they resemble vintage models a lot in this aspect.
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All the hand-crafted G42 necks are one-piece hammered. The inner pipe is built with a new production method to smoothen the surface. It can appear extremely low resistance.
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The G42 has a very classical look, unique hand engraving design and lightweight keyguard. These merits are saxophone players desire.
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Furthermore, G42 features a new ergonomic design table key.
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Light action adjustment and high level blue steel spring needle let your fingers feel more comfortable and more responsive.
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Palm keys: G42 uses new height key arms and larger touch-piece, which you can control palm keys more easily.
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Following are my notes when developing this fine instrument.
  • G42 has very good resonance and tone. It fully expresses the elegance of French brass. Unlike many other horns, G42’s flat low D has shown improvements.
  • When we attempted to try overtone, we feel it is not as good as the 10-year old Selmer SA80II or MK6 that we recently tested. However, over a short period of usage, we think G42 has changed our mind since it takes time to get used to a new instrument.
  • Our keys design follows the ergonomic philosophy. This design is mainly to suit little fingers. We made quite a few adjustments on angle and Touch Piece design to meet users’ needs. We also use a wider design of Palm Key and Touch Piece not only for ergonomic purpose but also to create a sense of security when switching keys (Ex. High D# to Front F). After numerous continuous tests, we believe these designs can really enhance a player’s performance.
Last but not least, we are proud to be part of the Antigua G42 R&D team. We always wanted to own a Sax that has a nice mixture of appearance, tone, and keys. Users can fully trust their instruments and focus on practicing and playing. We hope everyone can enjoy playing the new Antigua G42. Find the music in you!
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