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Hello, I guess I'll be straight to the point. I have an Antigua TS4240BG which I received in 04' or 05'. It has some scratches along one side of the bell from Marching band, but other than that it plays very well. Would anyone be able to tell me a starting price if I were to sell it?

EDIT: Oh I guess I should post at least one picture and some specs.
- 24k Gold plated Keys
- Leather keypads
- Domed metal (resonators?)
- double arms on lower keys
- Finely engraved
- Black nickel

From what I can tell it plays just fine. Haven't played it in 2 years so it was rough at first to get the Ligature correct, but all the keys work just fine and it seems to be in tune still. It's rather dusty still, as you might see in the picture. Haven't finished wiping it down yet.

So what do you think? I might have an interest in continuing the Saxophone in the future, however I have little interest nor time in continuing in the present (Though I will admit I'm already having seller's remorse). So do you think I should hold on to it? Do you think it might rise in price later? At what price do you think I could sell it for now?
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