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Antigua A500 vs A520

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Are there any significant differences between the Antigua A500 versus the A520. I know the A520 is classified as a low-end "Pro" model and the A500 is an "Intermediate". But is there anything that makes the A520 (or A521), a far superior horn to the A500. The A500 looks like it would be a great student horn.
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Nolzman: I realize that "pro" vs. lower-line saxophones has been recently discussed, and defining each level is subjective at best. But I have a hard time coming to grips with the brand-name Antigua and "pro" being associated in a sentence.

And, this no slam on Antigua saxophones - I own one (a soprano 590LQ) and I've tested others. Yes, they play and can fill a lot of players' needs. But to me, a "pro" saxophone is not an inexpensive Taiwnese-made horn.

I'll defer to what Canadian said about the specific models in your question. I am not up to speed on the subtlties of Antigua altos. Should you choose to buy one, I hope it goes well for you. Dave Kessler is a good source for new Antiguas. DAVE
An Antigua will work just fine for those purposes - and probably for any playing situation. I recently bought my 11-year old grandson a new alto from Dave Kessler's store in Las Vegas. I played a variety of inexpensive altos including Antigua, Kessler's own house-brand, a Yamaha 62, and a Unison 2000.

For the money and playability, I bought the Kessler Custom. However, the Antigua was competitive and any of those that I tried would have worked (for years). The saxophone players in my family love the KC.

The only point I was trying to make above was that as good as the latest inexpensive saxophones from Taiwan may be, they are not in a league with Selmer-Paris, Yanagisawa, Yamaha's hi-end, and JK.

From what I've played out there, neither are the Cannonballs and P. Mauriats, although they appear to be of higher quality than the various inexpensive models. But THAT is subjective and certainly open to argument.

I acknowledge that any well made saxophone these days (and most of the truly vintage saxophones) can be life-time players. It is just a matter of feel, response, build-quality, and cachet. And, I agree with what Canadian posted. DAVE
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You are welcome.

I have a B&S Medusa alto - very nice horn. I don't play it much, though. I prefer my Bueschers and Ref 54.

My oldest grandson has my Yanagisawa 880 alto (a gorgeous genuine pro horn) and he marched with it. The old saw that one can't march with a hi-end horn is much like many of the myths perpetuated among musicians.

The issue is risk, of course - some youngsters can maintain their equipment and others can't. If yours has difficulty in taking care of his things, then an inexpensive marching instrument is probably a wise buy. However . . . DAVE
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