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Antigua A500 vs A520

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Are there any significant differences between the Antigua A500 versus the A520. I know the A520 is classified as a low-end "Pro" model and the A500 is an "Intermediate". But is there anything that makes the A520 (or A521), a far superior horn to the A500. The A500 looks like it would be a great student horn.
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Well... one key piece of information left off my original post, was that this sax will be used for 4 years of High School Marching Band. I bought another MUCH nicer sax for use at home, concerts, etc... Oh, and the A500 is really like new (no dents or scratches), less than 4 years old, and hardly used, and I paid less than $350 shipped to my door.

I also checked with Antigua (twice actually) and they said the it DOES have the detachable bell.

This is replacing a pretty beat up Selmer Bundy II, which I intend to sell for whatever I can get.
Thanks Dave.

Actually, in case you haven't read my thread in the B&S forum. I had to get him a "marching" instrument, because I also bought a one of the last B&S Chicago Jazz Series (Earthtone) from WWBW. That sax is beautiful and should be the one he keeps a lifetime. But, of course, that horn is for the home and concerts, NOT for marching. The B&S is going to be a Christmas present.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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