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Anti Seize

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having encountered TOO many long neglected saxophones with frozen rods and pivot screws I have often pondered what could be done to minimise the potential damage of neglect. I like to oil the threads of hinge rods with heavy oil while I have of late taken to applying a copper based anti-seize grease for pivot screws. I would like to seek a consensus of those here with what methods they employ to minimise the potential for long term neglect or simply what they use for pivot screws and hinge rods.
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Nothing on a sax is 'high pressure', 'high temperature' or 'high speed' so mainly what you're trying to do with lube is prevent corrosion and keep the action free-moving. I would favor the use of a light grease like 'Super Lube' rather than an anti-seize compound. I use it in two ways - as a grease when reassembling and as a liquid from the spray can into a needle-tip oiler without disassembly. The solvent in the liquid carries it through the tube, rapidly evaporates and leaves the grease behind. The other problem with lubes is having sulphur compounds that attack the brass. This is what causes the black sludge at the joints, and it is not seen with the Super Lube if the parts are clean of old lube before use. This lube also does not gum or harden and doesn't retard movement in cold weather.
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