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Anti Seize

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having encountered TOO many long neglected saxophones with frozen rods and pivot screws I have often pondered what could be done to minimise the potential damage of neglect. I like to oil the threads of hinge rods with heavy oil while I have of late taken to applying a copper based anti-seize grease for pivot screws. I would like to seek a consensus of those here with what methods they employ to minimise the potential for long term neglect or simply what they use for pivot screws and hinge rods.
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What I have done is applied the grease into the ends of the hinge tubes and applied a a drop of oil onto the pivot screw thread just before it disappears into the post. I used this anti seize grease purely because it was what I had at hand. The Music Medic Ulimax and Super Lube I will look into and thank to all for your contributions. FWIW - the anti seize is copper based and as copper is a component of brass I'm thinkin' all will be well.
Agreed that Anti-Seize seems a bit heavy handed. I work in a moto shop, and have a wide array of lubes and goop and such.
Like some Anti-Seize where it is appropriate. Probably not here though.

Stephen Howard gives an interesting take on this question in two articles. Original and an even more technical followup:

Thanks for those recommendations - yeah I have read them previously plus I have Stephen's manual. I have also used a product called Lanox to very goodm effect with tools etc and "may" trial this with an unimportant saxophone
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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