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Just received an E&S tenor in trade..sorry no pics..The Tenor I got is standard gold lacquer w/nickel keys. Serial is 1884X. Pearl buttons in the keyguards. Body or bell not marked anywhwere with Italy or France.. My only clue is that the case looks very orig and the medallion on it says Evette Schaeffer by Buffet, "Paris France" Curious on the age and history of this horn. I couldn't find any serial # charts for Evette's.
Took it it to the gig last night..I felt pretty rough the first few tunes but by the end of the first set I began to get into the horn pretty good...
As the evening went on, wow!!..this big-belled horn is a real player tone wise. huge smooth sound, really fat and spread, subtone B Bb are as good as I've ever heard on any tenor, also this thing blasts like a freakin' bazooka for r&b or rock work. Very different animal from my very focused VI tenor. Of course the ergos ain't no VI, and between the staphook position and the tiny pearl thumbrest on my E&S I'm payin some serious dues getting used to it.
Perfect bar horn anyway..Thumbs up on this one...:mrgreen:

***HOLD THE PRESS*** just found the "BUFFET for DUMMIES" website, if the E&S serial #'s basically correspond to the Buffet #'s chart my tenor was hatched in 1972..good year yes, no, maybe ??
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