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Here's another track from my new CD, "Crawstickers." An original tune about a man who thinks with a part of his body other than his brain - his stomach. Propelled by the wicked second line groove of drummer Pete Ragusa, who spent 30 years in "The Nighthawks," the tune features me on vocals, tenor and bari saxes; Brian Simms on piano and organ; Dave Chappell on guitar; Claude Arthur, bass; Josh Howell, percussion; Patty Reese, backing vocals; Perry Conticchio, clarinet; Johnny Combs, tuba, and Mike Cloppert on trombone.

I proud of the fact that I recorded all the horn parts in my own studio. Interesting to try to create the second line parade intro one horn part at a time. Then I gave the whole mess to ace engineer Chris Murphy of RHL Audio to straighten out. I'm sure it gave him a headache. But it came out nice in the end. . .
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