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Another student instrument?

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Hi all,

I am trying to decide which alto saxophone to purchase for a high school student. He has been playing for 3 years.

His instructor has informed us that he needs a better sax. Because of my lack of knowledge, I purchased an instrument that is not very good quality, so a even a good student instrument would be a step up.

I would like to purchase an instrument he can play through the end of high school (3 more years). After getting recommendations and doing research, we are trying to decide between a YAS-23 (used $800-900) or paying an additional $1000 to purchase a Yanagisawa A901 or similar.

I don't know enough about saxophones to purchase a used or vintage instrument, so I am planning to purchase new or nearly new from a local shop/dealer. Also, the student doesn't have a preference.
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No one has mentioned the Kessler customs? These are talked up around here as great horns for the money, and are fully set up before being sent out.

Yanis and Yamis are all good an well, but they are a serious investment for a beginner.

My own budget solution is a used antigua winds 520 or 530 from ebay (around $200-400 for a minty, non dented one), and $100 in the hands of a local tech to fix any issues.
ratracer said:
As good as the Kessler horns are, (can't quite break into the rep of the big 4, yet) the OP was willing to spend up to ~$2K for a horn. At that price point Dave would point you to another brand if you're willing to spend that much. :) (Yeah, they're that kind of people.) Besides, from original post, it was clear the mind was set on Yamaha or the Yani! :)
I was mearly raising another posibility. Many people think they have to spent $2k for a half decent horn, even of they dont really want to.

My kids (when the time comes) dont have a hope in hell of getting a student Yamaha, you pay too much for the name and there are horns that play just as well for far less. LOL!, I expect they will be getting a hand me down Antigua, and Daddy will get a new Yani:) Does that make me a "bad dad":(
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