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So I saw a thread of someone asking the value of a horn very similar to this one about a week and a half ago. However I want to ask here specifically due to some cosmetic imperfections to get a estimate for price.

Heres photos of the horn
And here's Bob Ackerman reviewing it.
There is one small dent on one side of the neck which I will have fixed soon.
The C palm key literally fell off while i was soloing a few months back (yes...I know)
The G# key cork got squished down a bit so that it comes up when using the pinky keys. Easy fix so ignore the tape all this will be serviced.
The engraving is still mostly visible.
The lacquer is in alright shape I think. The flash of course shows nearly every spot it is in poor condition.
The year is 1968 or 1969.
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