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I got my 10mfan HR Daddy-O 7 alto mouthpiece this week, and have about 2 hours on it so far.

I have to say that I have never been so impressed so quickly by any mouthpiece before (and I have bought quite a few over 40+ years and counting).

I had bought several mass-produced Lakeys, Meyers, D-Addarios, Links, Jodys, etc. over the past couple years - looking for some changes to my sound and trying to find that elusive "unicorn" of flexibility, reed friendliness, ability to blend, play dark or bright, being focused without being thin/shrill, and providing good, intonation on my Couf Superba I - which can be kinda picky about mouthpieces it works well with. Now after only playing Mark's Daddy-O piece for a couple hours, I think that at least (1) unicorn does exist and this just may be it! This is not to say that those other mouthpieces are bad - but for me the Daddy-O design provides me quite a bit more than I can get from any of those others, individually. I feel that I will not need to carry a quiver of mouthpieces around in my bag, now - maybe just this 10mfan mouthpiece for 90+% of the time, and a more classical mouthpiece for those wind symphony type gigs where the Daddy-O may be a bit "much" in trying to blend in with all those Selmer Soloists.

I know this sounds like alot of hype, but I really am that pleased with how this mouthpiece is working for me over others I have tried.
Practicing has become much more fun, again, too!
I am not as good a player as some of the musicians who post in here, but I still can identify a great mouthpiece when I play it.

I think that it is a great product and will recommend it to other players I perform with.

10MFAN MOUTHPIECES "Innovation over imitation"
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Hi Mike,
Thank you so much! Im really glad you are enjoying the mouthpiece already. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)
I’m glad you found something that inspires you, and I really appreciate all your kind words.
Have a great night and I will talk to you soon.
All the best, Mark
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