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Android based tuner app that gives audible feedback ?

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I wonder if there is an android based tuner app that also gives you audible feedback.
Most tuners give you a visual feedback, the needle that goes up and down when you play flat or sharp.
It would be interesting to have an app that also detects the note you play, and plays it in the correct pitch, so you can correct your pitch also by ear.
I think this would be useful to practice listening by ear, and blending in with others.
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Even my free 'Sound Corset' tuner app will play the notes if you want. It also has many other functions, like a metronome, recording, etc. I would be lost without this thing on my gigs. Having an effective tuner has solved several problems for me and I believe it is making my pitch sensitivity more acute. Playing with all kinds of musicians at high volume levels for 60 years will kind of dull your sensitivity to pitch. I am very glad that this is apparently something that is not permanent!
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