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Android based tuner app that gives audible feedback ?

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I wonder if there is an android based tuner app that also gives you audible feedback.
Most tuners give you a visual feedback, the needle that goes up and down when you play flat or sharp.
It would be interesting to have an app that also detects the note you play, and plays it in the correct pitch, so you can correct your pitch also by ear.
I think this would be useful to practice listening by ear, and blending in with others.
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Or you can just put your electronic keyboard in "organ" mode and tape down the specific key. Instant drone!
If you practice with a drone, you'll also train yourself to hear when you're out of tune.

If you're playing scales and arpeggios, doing this while using an electronic keyboard to provide a relevant chord is very helpful. (My Yamaha keyboard allows you to start a rhythm pattern which I use as if it were a metronome; then if you key in a chord with your left hand, you get the thing playing along with the chord you keyed in, plus at the indicated rhythm and tempo. So if I'm practicing C maj/A nat min, I'll key in an A minor chord, and so on.) If your keyboard doesn't have this capability, you just tape down the notes A, C, E and there you have your A minor chord drone for as long as you can stand it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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