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Android based tuner app that gives audible feedback ?

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I wonder if there is an android based tuner app that also gives you audible feedback.
Most tuners give you a visual feedback, the needle that goes up and down when you play flat or sharp.
It would be interesting to have an app that also detects the note you play, and plays it in the correct pitch, so you can correct your pitch also by ear.
I think this would be useful to practice listening by ear, and blending in with others.
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TE Tuner or DaTuner is what I use. Both have an audible option.
I quickly tested DA tuner, but it is nearly inaudible, they also ask a high yearly fee and seem to want to charge you to buy all kinds of extras, so I did not trust it to give them my credit card data.
Total energy does not seem to have a preview function, so not possible to test it before buying.
I agree that for $9.99 per year the DaTuner is pricey, which is why I started using TE Tuner. It does everything that you are asking for a $3.99 one time purchase. For me this was a pretty cheap option. It also keeps track of rewards you with a nice green happy face when you have practiced multiple days in a row and the happy face also appears when you play a note and are in tune.

The "sound" option will playback the note tone you want in multiple octaves with the option to sustain the note, even transpose for the instrument you are playing. has loads of functionality for $4 bucks.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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