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An Unusual Late 50's/Early 60's Beaugnier Kenosha Vito Alto w/ Script Bell

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I think that this is a "Vito Special" but am not sure. I believe that this one was actually made in Kenosha,WI but it doesn't have a "Made in..." statement anywhere.
Unusual in that I have generally seen three bell keys on the L side and this one only has two. Also, I don't have the "Vito" stenciled on the G# key.
The bell brace is definitely Beaugnier.
Other than the fact that I'm missing a few Pearls on the guards and the "Vito" logo brace was removed off of the neck's underside, I find this alto to be exceptionally big and textured in its sound/tonality with a very lush low end and it's easy/comfy to hold. It's rather heavy for an alto, which comes as a nice surprise.

Fairly low serial # of: "1246A"

My wild guess is late 50's/early 60's. Any thoughts on why this only got two L side keys folks? I plan on keeping this one and trying to find the missing parts. :lick:

Lots of photos here:
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