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I am fortunate to have three nice tenors. Lately, I have been mainly playing my MK VI. I keep my Big B at the other house so I can practice there without having to haul horns around. So the SDA is kind of a back-up horn now but not for any real reason. For the last couple of days I have been playing the SDA because soon the MK VI is going in to my tech for some COA. I almost always stand when I am playing and without even thinking, I position the tenors fairly upright and center to my body (with alto too) and the tenor's bend just rests on the inside of my right leg. This feels natural and situates the mouthpiece comfortably at my mouth.

I have read in this forum that some members feel the neck strap ring on SDAs is not in the correct place and causes the mouthpiece to poke one in the mouth when the horn is at rest. And, I guess I have experienced this but it has never been something I thought about too much and I just adjust my handling of the horn to avoid this. However, the SDA has been the least comfortable of the tenors to play in the position mentioned above and the mouthpiece seems to be more forced to the mouth.

Yesterday I was running through the Circle of Fifths major scales as a warm up and just happened to place the SDA off to the right of my body, with the RH thumb hook about halfway back of my hip. I noticed a major improvement in comfort, from the mouthpiece relationship to the mouth and the position of my head and neck (looking a bit more downward). It also seemed I could change sound volume much easier. I have stayed with this new (to me) positioning for two practice sessions now and can't find a negative ... an Ah Hah moment?

I am curious to find out how all of you SDA players position your tenor(s) and if there is a consenus on the best placement of an SDA while standing?
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