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Reminds me, when I started playing sax, in school band in grade 7, I started using the palm D key instead of the octave key. I'd asked the teacher what key I was supposed to use but he didn't know. I started private lessons a couple weeks in and I was set straight.
I was also the private teacher who told me to wet the whole reed and not just the tip.

There's just all these little things you could do wrong for a long time if someone doesn't set you straight.

I love the ads for saxophones that say "almost never played," and include a photo with the mouthpiece mounted upside down, or the neck inserted backwards.
Or the sax the wrong way on the stand. Many of these are from people who have never played I believe. You don't get far if you don't know how to mount the mouthpiece. Little hints like that tell me I'd be buying from a non player. Specifying that a reed or two is included is a giveaway too.

Or for guitars I know it is not a player selling if it says "needs tuning". Like saying "car for sale, needs gas".
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