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Alto & tenor mpc tip opening ratio

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I am working on a Meyer Alto mpc of tip opening about 0.073". That suits me well.

I intend to buy a same model of Meyer Tenor mpc. I am not sure the tenor tip opening that would suit me.

Is there a handy formula or ratio that I can translate alto tip opening to tenor tip opening?

Much thanks.
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The only place where this doesn't apply is Selmer mouthpieces. Paul Coats wrote an article about this and I agree with him...
tomsch said:
I use a 0.65 on soprano, 0.80 on alto (although I could use a larger tip opening), and .117 on tenor. The key for me is not just the tip opening but the overall design of the mpc.
This is very true. Notice that Tomsch uses a higher baffle piece on his tenor than the other two horns. Higher baffles need larger tip sizes.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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