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Hi guys,

i play an alto super action(1995) with a meyer NY mouthpiece(6).

usually i play with medium-hard reeds, alexander superial dc 3 1/2 or vandoren java.

what do you thing about my sound???

i think i can make it more bright by using a softer there anybody that play with a similar setup???

thank you....Fabio

ps:sorry for my english...

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you sound great.
You are already bright.
Keep doing what your doing.
Your sound is perfect.
So many players are always looking for the next best thing.
Sometimes, they find it.
Most times they don't.
Stay with what you have right now and carry on...go further.
good luck!

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I am glad to see that some very experienced members have said what I was thinking.... it sounds great, and is already 'bright'.
If it ain't broke don't try to fix it :)

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FabioSaxMC said:
thank you...i like my sound but there are some cases i need more bright....for example in pop session. can i adapt my setup or i must buy a specific mouthpiece?? Fabio
Fabio - have you tried playing with your tongue arched a bit more than usual?

Disclaimer: This advice is not for beginners.

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I heard your clip and I know what you're talking about. I used a new Meyer 5 and switched to a Dukoff 7 which is brighter than what you're getting but it can get nasel if I'm not careful. A cheap alternative to the Duk is the rico Graphinite piece . I ordered one from WW and BWs yesterday so we'll see. You have the bop/jazz thing down and I understand what you're trying to do. Beechler metal is a good thing to try. Nelson Rangell among others have used that for pop. Good luck. Just don't ruin what you've got spending lots of time looking at pieces. Believe me, thats at time trap. K

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I can think of a lot of studio players who use or used NY Meyers, Phil Woods and Gary Foster among them. You can play pop with a NY Meyer, no problem.
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