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For F what works for me is:

With the D palm key open, finger xoo/xxo plus the side Bb key. Also, the oxo/oxo plus the D pal key open works, but not as good or stable for me.

Now, for F# I use D and Eb palm keys open, and finger ooo/xxo. It is pretty solid. G is tricky. I use the F# key plus or E palm key alone, or the more traditional (if it can be said) high E (in the normal range of the saxophone, being the high E but no altissimo, played with palm keys this is). Also some player instead of high E finger high F (palm keys only, high F on normal range). For Ab go for just adding the F# key and for A open all the keys but the F# key.

Also, if you search the very good voicing advice around this Forum it can help.

Be cautious with your embouchure and warm up. Do not bite.

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I'm not talking about the E in the normal range of the instrument, I'm talking about the E above that. I can get the altissimo below E and E itself very well. I'm still practicing smooth transitions between the altissimo notes themselves, but for the most part, I can play the altissimo very well. However, none of the fingerings I've found online work for me. I get altissimo notes, bust most of the notes I get out of the fingerings are C's or something, not F's. On my cheap metal mouthpiece, I can simply overblow the palm keys like I do on the tenor, but I want to be able to do it with the mouthpiece I'm using now (which is a Meyer 6 medium chamber). Can anybody either give me alternate fingerings or give me some other advice?

By the way, the fingerings I use for D through E are these -

D is simply the fork key itself (not the B key, but the one next to that).
Eb is that, plus the side C.
E is the fork key plus all three palm keys plus the side E key (next to side C and Bb).

Normally, I would just add or take away a fingering to get the next note, but I can't do that with the last fingering that I'm using.

Thanks for the help.
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