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I some how last year stumbled upon Alto Reed on Facebook, so I friended him...

I remembered seeing a YouTube video of him as he talks about playing gigs and getting ready back stage and which reeds he likes and uses, but never mentioned what kind of mouthpieces he uses.

so I thought what the heck... this is as good a chance as any to schmooz a player I really like so I went on to his discussion forum and asked him what his setups are for all his saxes cause... Ya know... I dig his sound.

It took many months, but much to my suprise he answered. Here is what he wrote back to me...

"On my Alto I use a Ponzol / 100 M2 - Rico Plastic Coated 1 1/2 & 2

Tenor Bobby Dukoff Solid Silver L9 145 Rico Plastic Coated 2 & d 1/2

I use several types of Ligatures: Rovner (quick & easy but not as responsive), Oleg Garbazov (awesome resonance but it takes time to adjust and during our show if I have to change a reed it takes too long to dial it in), Brancher ( quick, responsive, needs a short time for breaking it in to your mouthpiece shape)

Bass Sax is a Zinner with no other info on it other than Germany (the ligature is something I found in a sax repair shop, looks like an Otto Link without the raised groove on top)"

Pretty cool... he is REAL people...:mrgreen:
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