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Well, after extensive experimentation I am settled on alto Rigotti Gold Jazz 2.5 Strong as my current reed of choice.

To get here, from Java Red 2.5s which I decided were a bit too dark, I bought complete boxes of different brands and strengths: unopened Rigotti Gold Jazz 2.5 Medium, Java Green 2.0, Java Green 3.0, Java Red 3.0. I'm not going to play them.

I don't understand why my local music shops don't sell single reeds (at small revenue but huge margin!) nor manufactures and on-line retailers offer variety packs (forget about the Vandoren single-strength 4-packs at $4/reed!). Not worth their bother, I guess, or cynically a scam to sell a bunch of unplayed reeds. But we can do better.

So, I'd like to start a reed exchange. PM if you are interested in one, two or three of any combination of my reeds above.

Others reply to this thread and please do the same!

I hope this evolves into a comprehensive and vibrant player service collaboration or co-op whereby we may experiment with our set-ups at minimal cost before buying a complete box of reeds.


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More reeds for RX:

Rico orange box 2.5 or 3.0 in the plastic holders. Currently in a sealed dispenser pack.

Rico Bb clarinet 2.5 same packaging.

Always interested in Legere for alto or tenor, Rigotti also.

Or ... whatcha got?

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