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Alto mouthpiece reccomend for a tenor player

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Hey guys - I'm looking some recs for an Alto mouthpiece... with this COVID thing going on I can't really play a test a bunch but I might just order something.

I'm primarily a tenor player. I use a Jody DV 7* because I like the edgy and bright sound I can get out it plus the fact that I can "fight" or muffle it to play dark if I need to. I've used Otto Link 7* throughout college but couldnt get the bright "commercial" modern sound I like. I also play an Optimum 3 for classical and controlled stuff... but when is that ever come up for a gig? I don't do pit stuff...

Right now I'm playing a Vandoren Optimum 3 on my alto, which has a beautiful sound I must say. Very round and very sweet. I'm looking for something that is still round and sweet but gives me some more tonal range. Something more dynamic that I can push if I want to, a "wider palette" of tones if that makes sense. The optimum is kind of one dimensional (or maybe that's just my playing on alto...). I've played Meyers on alto and was not a fan (too stuffy and not easy on my embouchure). I've also played a Beechler (I think it was a 7*) and I would describe it as too far in the other direction. It was a screamer but I couldn't tame it down to a nice sweetness or subtone. Can anyone recommend a good alto piece that is somewhat middle of the road but still dynamic? And maybe something that is comfortable for a guy very used to the tenor embouchure? I prefer metal on tenor, but I'm open to metal or rubber.

Thanks in advance!
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I am blowing a Phil-Tone Intrepid on my Borgani Jubilee alto. No screamer, not a Meyer clone - fat, almost tenor, sound when played with solid support. Cannonball Adderley is my kind o’ alto inspiration. Like the tenor piece that is my go-to #1, it ramps up in character and grit with increasing dynamics.
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