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Hi all,

well, i am beginner to Alto (it's been 4 months now) and I am desperately searching for a good alto saxaphone. I have a limited budget ($ 500) and live in India, where finding a good saxaphone is - trust me I have tried - a very difficult.

I have received an interesting offer from a store in Singapore. The model is JUPITER SA-165. More details follows:

- Made around 1980's
- Was being used by a school band all these years
- The alto had been completely overhauled and pads replaced, by the person who will be selling it
- No mouthpiece, i will have to buy it separately
- I get around 20 reeds for free
- The person who is selling it says it plays excellently well.
- Costs around $375 / GBP 185. I will have to buy a moth piece as well, which wil cost extra...

I will be traveling to singapore on work in a week's time and will be checking out the horn. Please advice me on how the offer sounds and anything else you feel...

Cheers, ST
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