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Alto Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire # 11043 hight F# & G#

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Alto Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire # 11043
The last model manufactured by Couesnon, but was it indeed manufactured by Couesnon? Original keys, the model is almost identical as the one of Stephen Howard

What do you think about it?

For those which would be interested it will be soon to sell
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Chris J said:
Why do you question who made it?
It was said that in these end years 1960, after the fire of the Couesnon factory the manufacture of the sax under would have been treated by Beaugnier? Pierret ? Selmer? J.Gras? Couesnon having rebuilt only the line brasswind.
|| The Trumpet Gearhead || said:
"At the end of World War II, the music business started to change, but Couesnon continued to deal primarily with the special needs and instruments of brass and military bands. The C/Bb trumpet market became dominated by Selmer, Courtois, LeBlanc in France and even the larger American manufacturers. The public continued to associate Couesnon with the brass band; not the orchestral or jazz band. Starting in the 60 's and during the next 20 years, Couesnon tried to expand its share in markets other than fanfare bands. They made a line called "Monopole Conservatoire" higher quality instruments, trying to gain more customers in conservatory (music students). For example, they employed Mr Bernard Soustrot (first prize in the 1976 Maurice André Competition in Paris) to try all the piccolos trumpets made in the workshop and to give his "blessing" to these new instruments. Unfortunately, these efforts proved ultimately ineffective, and their traditional market continued to decrease in popularity to the point that brass bands have almost all disappeared in France. According to Richard Dundas, sixty percent of the production was exported throughout the world with as much thirty percent sold in the United States. However, as sales declined, the profits dwindled and the losses mounted. Factories were sold off and in 1969 the main factory in Château Thierry was badly damaged by fire, destroying the archives. In 1978, the contract with Gretch to import Couesnon instruments to the United States was terminated and new Couesnon instruments have been very rare in the US since that time.
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Saxland said:
Does the neck angle feel like a modern saxophone or is it more like an SBA?
Exactly the same one as that of the model preceding Monopole I
Detailed neck

The notch in the end of the neck corresponds to a part of the site of G
Others picts

Some more picts for everybody,easily downloadable

Monopole I

Monopole II

Perrin,s same one Monopole Conservatoire

AhCheung said:
wow, small world! That must have been Perrin's. I just hope the sax is not sitting in a glass display somewhere.
My repearman François Arbon have the same model as that one of Marcel Perrin. Conservatory Monopole # 8370 with keys high f# & S and more low A
see the pictures:
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