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Alto Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire # 11043 hight F# & G#

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Alto Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire # 11043
The last model manufactured by Couesnon, but was it indeed manufactured by Couesnon? Original keys, the model is almost identical as the one of Stephen Howard

What do you think about it?

For those which would be interested it will be soon to sell
[email protected]
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Chris J said:
saintsday - Awesome collection!

My comment was more a thought aloud in that I thought keying to high G was quite a recent thing and had never heard of a vintage (if 40 + years can be called vintage) instrument with that. But if a modification, it looks like a factory modification from the pictures (though "squeezed in" puts it mildly!)
I've watched an old video/French TV program of 1955 presenting a book written by Marcel Perrin, sax teacher at the Paris Conservatory. In the program, he speaks about the range of the sax and has a Couesnon keyed from low A to hi G.
If I find the link again, I'll post it.

Please note also Jazzbrass' other Couesnon, Serial No. 2078, keyed to hi F#....
which in my view makes Couesnon an avant-garde sax manufacturer re. high keys (or low A for that matter).
My guess is that Jazzbrass' Couesnon with hi G was custom made for some pro player. A cool find.
Now, if someone knows the whereabouts of Perrin's alto, please PM me!!! :)
Here is the link

52 years old program. If you don't call that vintage...

It starts with an advertisement and if you want it in full screen... you'll have to purchase (3 Euros). These are the archives of the French public medias (like PBS in the US). Funny enough, the book was on a short while ago.

I guess they didn't bring a bari up because either the presenter brought his horns by public transport to the TV studios or his car was like my Dad's first, a 4CV (French beetle, rear engine)...

Enjoy (if you have a big monitor, a fast fast internet connexion, and a French translator nearby...)
wow, small world! That must have been Perrin's. I just hope the sax is not sitting in a glass display somewhere.
so... it's not in a glass display but with a the middle of France.
Congrats on the find Jazzbrass! (and make sure your tech mentions me on his will).
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