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Ok well I struggle a lot with higher notes and the altissimo notes. In my opinion it's the worst part of my playing. For example, I can get the high f# using the side keys fine, but it doesn't always come out when I use the alternate fingering (front keys).

I can do some overtones. I can get the F (while fingering Bb) easily. I can also get third Bb pretty easily when I go up starting from the F (F, D, A, Bb) by moving my tounge back in my mouth; however, I can't just start out playing the Bb. I also can't get the note above the Bb.

I try praticing the altissimo register and for a while I'm fine. I can get the front F and F# no problems, but I can't go any higher. After practicing for a while I start to lose my ability to play the F#. I'm guessing that's because my mouth is tired, but it restricts my length of practice time.

Do you guys have any suggestions because I'm pretty frustrated?
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I'm not a particularly good altissimo player myself but my advice is this:
1. Learn to play the notes you can already play REALLY WELL (this is the first part of Rascher's approach to altissimo in "Top Tones", although most choose to ignore it.)
2. Learn the harmonic series so that you "pre-hear" the series of overtones you are trying to play accurately when you are working from the fundamentals.

There is a lot of info archived on this forum about altissimo and some of it is very good. Read it and use your intelligence to decide what is relevant to you. All the best.
You need to strengthen your embrouchure.
Also the mouthpiece/reed combination is important.
Some mpc's simply don't cut it in that department.

Practise long notes and overtone series.

It takes time.

Don't be obsessed with these.

Many a great player managed to go their entire careers without
playing these notes.
kavala said:
Many a great player managed to go their entire careers without
playing these notes.
But for us people-pleasers who need to play Old Time Rock n Roll at the end of the night, you gotta hit that high G# :) Or lower the key by a lot ;)
i would have to say that yes you should get comfertable with the notes you already able to just wack a high F# right off the bat consistantly.

for me i didnt even know i was actually doing altissimo until i asked someone who could do it. basically you have to experiment with your embouchure. the first fingering i started with was in fact the high F# fingering.

i cant fully agree with all of the equipment things someone said. i believe if you are skilled enough at altissimo you can do it on any mouthpiece.....the reed can make it a bit harder though no doubt. a soft reed will be much harder to do altissimo on than a harder reed.

so take that into your embouchure up nice and strong
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