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Altissimo on 1925 Buescher C melody?

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Is there any way to get higher than an F on a 1925 Buescher C melody?
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Altissimo will probably be easy and accurate on such an instrument. All the Bueschers I've played had the easist altissimo of any saxophone I've played.

Get Rascher's "Top Tones for the Saxophone" and actually do what he says rather than going straight to the fingerings and trying to eke out the notes by biting, like I did.

You may have to fiddle around a bit to accommodate the lack of a front F key if your horn doesn't have it.
I got the Top Tones book and have been able to get the high F# and G with some of the recommended fingerings but it's pretty hard to reliably get the notes and they don't speak too clearly for me. I'm wondering if there are any other fingerings I can try.
It's not about the fingerings. Read the book and do the exercises the way he tells you to.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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