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altissimo on 10M

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I'm new here, got a 1952 10M, which I love. my question to you experts is as follows, the neck was extended for it to be in tune shortly after I bought it. however I found altissimo to be way more flexible than I wanted. just will the note and they're there, which is cool in some ways, but unsafe at other (gigs)...
wondering if any of you have had this problem, or it has nothing to do with the neck extension, and just a matter of poor practice on my behalf.
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I guess with the neck extension you're playing a small chambered, high baffled mouthpiece. If that's the case, I'd take the extension off and switch to a larger chambered mouthpiece, with a bit less baffle... and a nice fat end cork.
I play a 8* rubber link with med-hard la voz (hardest around), could I get any wider? and how can I remove an extension without damage and without going out of tune?
poserama said:
I play a 8* rubber link, could I get any wider? and how can I remove an extension without damage?
Pay a tech to do it, don't try it yourself if you have to ask. - I wouldn't do it myself either.
thank you all for your input, I'll check with my local tech guy about it, my last question (since I'm not so sure the tech guys now enough) is if old conns might actually need this extension, since I do use a wide and hard setup, and it was way sharp before. thing is I bought it from a store with bad techs and found a better one later. It's hard to tell what is true at this point.

also ,many thanks to all members of this forum helping me find a good new case, made my life a lot easier.
Do you have a teacher or sax pro you can get to play the thing and see if something needs to be done at all?
Is it the original neck? It seems odd... I've heard that the 12m (Bari) horns can play sharp, but haven't heard that on the 10m. I've played a few and they were fine... even with small-chambered mouthpieces.
I've had a few 10Ms and many different mouthpieces, the neck extension should not be necessary. I too would advise getting it humanely disposed of.
The 10M will play great with a rubber Link with the original neck. Link / 10 M match in heaven.

There are advocates of neck extensions but that only allows a mismatched mpc to work with the 10M. A Link will play in great tune on the 10 M with the mpc snugly on the cork 3/4 of an inch + or - . That depends on how loose your chops are.
If the 10M needed a neck extension they would have made them that way.
I always thought it was a bad idea and recommend you get it removed.
poserama said:
I play a 8* rubber link
A rubber Link should play fine on a 10M without an extension, but as that doesn't appear to be the case, perhaps you don't want to remove it. How far does it push in for proper tuning? Mark the spot and see if you would have anything left to hold the mouthpiece if you chopped off the extension. If nothing's left, keep the extension. Some horns are just off. Well, that or you're chomping down too hard on those hard reeds.
I think I know what the problem is. Call me and have your horn in hand and we'll discuss it.
Definitely call Les, he will be able to sort out what is wrong with your horn. 10M's dont need neck extensions to play in tune, they are exceptionally loud with links and other larger chambered mpcs. I have played Ponzol; M2 that works great on my 10M.
Thanks for all your help, and les, unfortunately I don't live in the US ...
and my link works great with the horn, I'm very happy with the combo, works great in every range.
However I went to my tech today to check things out, only to find there is no neck extension, strange indeed. no Idea why the store that sold it to me they did one. I guess the truth will remain a mystery (I trusted the tech's opinion and decided not to remove the cork at this time). got all the leaks fixed though, and that's always a good! just wondering about one thing, could it be that the altisimmo becomes easier (and wilder) as the instruments age? and then it's really just a question of taming the beast? cause that could somehow explain it.

And thanks again!
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