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After receiving some private messages and emails I decided to share with you the fingerings that I use to play altissimo on baritone.
The range that I play goes from altissimo G up to "double altissimo"(I don't know how to call it...) G.
So you have a full octave of altissimo fingerings here.
I play a Conn12M, but these fingerings work on Selmers too, I tried them on my friend's mark VI.
I think that it could be helpful because we often find many threads on altissimo on tenor and alto, but very few on baritone.
This is NOT cool!...because the altissimo sounds really beautiful on baritone, so I hope that you enjoy this video.
If you like my vlogs you can suggest me other topics that you would like to see on my youtube channel.
So...wet your reed, bring your bari out of your case and start to play altissimo with me! The world needs more baritone players!

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