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Martinman said:
So I bought a Legere studio cut today for my tenor, and I love the sound. The only problem is that it have absolutely no altissimo. I was using a RJS 2h or 3s, or similar reeds, and bought a Legere SC 2.25. Is the reed just too soft, or is there something about Legere that limits altissimo? Do I just need to work at it?
Did you have altissimo before you switched to the Legeres? ;)

Don't know the answer, but if your reed is too soft you should have indications other than altissimo trouble - like a flabby or reedy tone for example. But you say you like the tone so it sounds like the strength is OK.

You could always try a harder strength Legere, but I know it's an expensive experiment.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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