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Thanks for the links interesting stuff. My experience generally agrees with what you've posted above. I worked on overtones on and off for years but couldn't play anything in the altissimo range. Finally I got frustrated enough that I just started trying to get whatever altissimo notes I could squeak out (for me it started with D4 which seems to be the altissimo note tenor produces naturally since I can get that note to come out no matter what keys my fingers are on). I figured I was either going to make some reasonable progress or quit because I didn't have enough hours left in my life to continue at the pace I was moving and accomplish anything. Otherwise my experience has been;

* Start with low note overtones but don't wait until you've perfected or totally mastered them to have a go at actual altissimo notes.
* Collect as many fingering possibilities as you can- some just speak better on certain horns than others.
* Work on altissimo every time you practice but just for 10 or 15 minutes- it keeps you from getting too frustrated and everyone else in your immediate area from going crazy
* It takes time but working on overtones/ altissimo does great things for your tone over the whole range of the horn
* Being able to "hear" and produce altissimo notes on your own while practicing is still a long way from being able to use them effectively in performance

"I'm just simplifying things here btw as it's really more complicated than what I'm posting." - To me it's one of those things like swimming or riding a bike, very complicated to explain in terms of the physics, sensations, and necessary muscle movements but once you've had a little success (that sort of ahh-haa moment) it becomes much more intuitive as to what you need to do, though it may not necessarily be easy to do it.
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