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Almost one hour of fantastic live clips of the late great Illinois Jacquet

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Hi all,

Recently almost one hour of new clips of the late great Illinois Jacquet are uploaded to YouTube. Most of them are recordings of his Big Band in the late 80's and early 90's. Fantastic and swinging music by this tenor with one of the most beautiful tenor sounds ever.

1 - 1987 - Berlin - 'Perdido' and 'Sunny Side Of The Street' (starting around 10:40):

3 - 1988 - 'Texas Tenor' 1991, music-excerpt part-1 w. Arnett Cobb (with another 'Blues From Louisiana' take at 1:55):

Enjoy :).
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jrvinson45 said:
Thank you Peter for the memories, and thank you too sideC for making it personal. Wonderful stuff.
Amen! I love it!
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