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I just had some repair/maintenance work done on my Yamaha 82z tenor by Jim Weiss, and just wanted to recommend him to all those in the San Diego County area.

The horn had some ripped pads and some leaks, which was not surprising since I have never have any work at all done on it since buying it here on SOTW some years ago.

Jim took care of it very quickly and very well. I think he had the horn for 3 days in all, and it now plays great. I still play fairly poorly, but I immediately felt and heard the difference. He did a bang up job (but no, he didn't bang it up, not at all). Price was to my mind very reasonable ($125 plus $5 per pad replaced.)

So I just wanted to give Jim a well deserved plug for anyone in San Diego. He is very experienced, very skilled, very professional and a great combination of perfectionist and practicalist -- he wants each horn to sound and play as well as possible, but neither takes forever nor charges an arm and a leg. No up-sell or overstatement/exaggeration of work needed. He treats you square and plays no games.

He also made a quick tweak or two on my Buescher Aristocrat Alto which I brought for him to look at when I went to pick up the Z, to address what he found was a pretty bad leak. (No charge.)

I have used Les Arbuckle up in Carlsbad, and he too does totally great work, and I have happily used his services many times, but he is up north, and Jim is located in Santee, which is further south and a little east, so it was for me a 20 minute drive versus 40 minutes. I would trust either of them with any of my horns, but in this case the distance was the key for me. For those in Mid-County, and especially those in South County, Jim may be much more convenient as well.

Jim used to give private lessons to my son many years ago as well, when he was teaching sax, and my son turned out pretty damn good (sadly, he gave up sax after high school to focus on guitar, but that just meant it was my turn to pick it up).

OK, that's the end of my spiel, just wanted to give Jim his well-deserved due.

(Jim can be reached at 619-884-1235)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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