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So listen me out first.

I have played this piece before, although at that time I didn't manage to do everything as I intended (technically). So I've recently decided to do this as a final piece for my finishing bachelor studies. Here comes the problem.

Two years ago a bag with sheet music worth 300$ and a metronom Yamaha worth 120$ was stolen and never retrieved. Amongst these notes was this piece. I've tried finding it in my previous teacher archive, but wasn't able to. I got hold of it (I thought) today, but the one who had the note had sick kids.

Not likely you may think because this is the internet, but I am in desperate need of the saxophone part. This may be illegal to ask for (not by my country's law though) here, but I really need to start on this piece asap. I ordered it from my local shop, but it will take 3-4 weeks as it is shipped from France.

The reason why I should be allowed is because this is a piece you can't perform alone. I'm not asking for the Piano part, only the Saxophone part.

If someone is willing to scan the Saxophone Alto part I would be in seriously debt to you. Send it to if possible.

I hope someone hear my honesty in this.

Best regards,
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