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Album Cover question

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This may not be the most appropriate place for this post, but I wasn't sure where it would fit better.

I was reading a classic research article "The Use of Drugs by Jazz Musicians" by Charles Winick (Social Problems, Vol. 7, No. 3 Winter, 1959-60, pp. 240-253) where he discusses jazz musician drug use.

Winick writes, "Another [anecdote] dealt with the famous musician who is shown on the cover of a recent record album he made with the carrying case of his instrument. A number of respondents delighted in telling the interviewer it was 'well known' that the carrying case contained several pounds of marijuana" (p. 251).

To which album and musician do you think they are referring?

The interviews with NYC jazz musicians (N = 357) were conducted in 1954 and 1955. So, the album cover they mention is presumably from that same general time (i.e., early 1950s).

Do any of you know this story?

Thanks in advance.
Tim Wolfe
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