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Aizen GR

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Anyone have any experience with the Aizen GR which is supposed to be based off Desmonds MC Gregory?
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At one point I had searched the web for the GR mouthpieces and couldn't find any reviews on them. Doesn't mean they're not out there, I just couldn't find them.

The Morgan mouthpieces dont necessarily target the Desmond sound. However, they are made in a similar fashion to the vintage MC Gregory pieces: medium round chamber, scooped sidewalls, rollover baffle.

I would recommend the ML chamber in a small tip, and possibly request a slightly lower baffle profile. But, the stock piece as-is will tackle the Desmond stuff with no problem with a stiff reed. That being said, so will a ton of other pieces. It's much more about approach and style.

- Saxaholic
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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