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Airlines/Pro Tec Bari case as carry-on?

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I'm traveling to Australia this fall, and I'm wondering what experiences people have had taking their Bari sax onboard airlines as a carry-on (I'm currently using the Pro Tec contoured case). I've only had to travel with tenor/alto before, so this is new territitory.
Obviously, I'm very concerned about showing up with my horn and having to check it underneath. I can borrow a huge flight case, but then I have to travel in-country with it as well. The other possibility is having a horn provided there, but I'll still need to take it with us on local flights.
Are there different size/policy regulations for international and local Australian flights (I believe all our travel is on Quantas)? Any way to get clearance in advance?
Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

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"So I guess the answer is no?"

If anyone is curious...

Quantas was not going to say yes up front, so no help there. I was fortunate enough to track down a friend who just moved back to Sydney and was glad to loan me her Yani bari for our Oz dates. Since the backline (drums, upright bass and amps) will travel by van between cities, it looks like it all works out ok.

Of course, that doesn't provide any answers for traveling bari players. The only solution seems to be investing in a good-quality flight case, premium instrument insurance and a gym membership.

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