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Airlines/Pro Tec Bari case as carry-on?

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I'm traveling to Australia this fall, and I'm wondering what experiences people have had taking their Bari sax onboard airlines as a carry-on (I'm currently using the Pro Tec contoured case). I've only had to travel with tenor/alto before, so this is new territitory.
Obviously, I'm very concerned about showing up with my horn and having to check it underneath. I can borrow a huge flight case, but then I have to travel in-country with it as well. The other possibility is having a horn provided there, but I'll still need to take it with us on local flights.
Are there different size/policy regulations for international and local Australian flights (I believe all our travel is on Quantas)? Any way to get clearance in advance?
Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

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Bernards20040 said:
All i can say is that no way are you going to get a Bari sax on a plane as carry on (International or domestic)the thing won't even fit in the overhead stowage.
Even a tenor is only a maybe:shock:
Baris will fit in the overheads. They'll often try to tell you otherwise, but don't believe them.
A lot of it depends on how charming you are, but I've always found it preferable to bring the horn in a case (preferably a high quality one and NOT a rectangular one). At the gate, do your best to (very politely) insist on carrying it on and tell them that it WILL fit in the overheads. Once on the plane, if the horn doesn't fit in the overheads you'll generally find airline stewards more accomodating for check-in staff in terms of finding somewhere safe to put the horn.
Mats Gustafsson flies back and forth from Europe with his SBA Baritone in a Reunion Blues canvas gig bag. He said that that way he knows that it'll fit in the overhead compartments and gives him a strong point for telling them why he can't check it. He's much more confident in his ability to charm the checkin staff than I am.
If I can't get my horn on the plane, I gate-check it (walk it to the end of the walkway and have the baggage handlers only handle it the dozen metres or so from the walkway to the plane and again back to the walkway on the other end.) That way it's not sliding down any luggage carousels or being tossed onto some luggage trailer.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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