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Airlines/Pro Tec Bari case as carry-on?

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I'm traveling to Australia this fall, and I'm wondering what experiences people have had taking their Bari sax onboard airlines as a carry-on (I'm currently using the Pro Tec contoured case). I've only had to travel with tenor/alto before, so this is new territitory.
Obviously, I'm very concerned about showing up with my horn and having to check it underneath. I can borrow a huge flight case, but then I have to travel in-country with it as well. The other possibility is having a horn provided there, but I'll still need to take it with us on local flights.
Are there different size/policy regulations for international and local Australian flights (I believe all our travel is on Quantas)? Any way to get clearance in advance?
Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

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Some cases may fit in some overheads, but when I went to France with a bari, it was quite clear that my friend's tenor barely fit. There was no way the bari would have fit. If I had to do it again, I'd pack my bari for shipping (case inside a box with insulation) and plan on storing or discarding the packing at the destination. My bari was sent in the cargo hold in the much-maligned Walt Johnson case. I had no issues with its condition at arrival, though it was a day late returning after being mis-routed in US Customs.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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