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Personally, it's my favorite Brecker album that I have. One of my all time favorites too. The writing is incredible, and all the players are playing their best. I especially felt the chemistry between Metheny and Mike. Just really great stuff. How about you guys?

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I've only gotten to listen to it once, so far, but it seems to be very typical Brecker. Amazing technique, interesting writing, etc. As one would expect under the circumstances, it seems wiser, more reflective. It's no breakthrough, or anything like that which we may have been hoping for, but it is yet another stellar output by Brecker.

...And yet another reminder that I will never get to see him live...:cry:

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I love it also.

I wasn't a Brecker fan for a long time. The first recording I got was "The Brecker Brothers" when it first came out and I took it back the next day for a refund. It wasn't until "Tales from the Hudson" that he got my attention and I turned the corner with "Two Blocks From the Edge". I expected more from "The Nearness of You" and I thought the writing on "Wide Angles" was overly dense and keyboard influenced. I'm not posting this as a criticism, but to put my opinion of "Pilgrimage" in perspective. I think "Pilgrimage" stands out as a wonderful recording and anyone who hasn't cared for Brecker in the past should give it a listen.

BTW, I've seen him live several times, once in a workshop setting, and each time he came across as a really humble and warm person. What a tragic loss.

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I love it as well, and agree with tdeane, Tumbleweed is my favorite, I can't get it out of my head for days at a time.

I agree that it sounds wiser and more reflective. Puts me in mind of the last Stan Getz CDs, when he knew time was short.

Pilgrimage rekindled my curiosity about all my Brecker CDs, and I'm in the process of rediscovering them. A great body of work to be sure.

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Michael Brecker - Pilgrimage
1. (_6:55) The Mean Time
2. (_7:40) Five Months from Midnight
3. (10:09) Anagram
4. (_9:36) Tumbleweed
5. (_9:42) When Can I Kiss You Again
6. (_7:31) Cardinal Rule
7. (_7:17) Half Moon Lane
8. (_8:34) Loose Threads
9. (10:02) Pilgrimage
Brecker________- Tenor Sax & EWI
Pat Metheny____- Guitars
Herbie Hancock__- Piano
Brad Mehldau____- Piano
John Patitucci___- Bass
Jack DeJohnette - Drums
Amazon has this rated in the Modern Post BeBop / BeBop category. My thought is that that's a good place for it. There's similarities between this & some of the tracks on the John Coltrane "Fearless Leader" 6 CD set I'm listening to as I have time, which is classified as contemporary jazz in the booklet that comes with it.
Though I'm not necessarily a BeBop fan, I'm in agreement with others who've posted. I think that Tumbleweed is the most interesting/fun song.
Cardinal Rule, Loose Threads, Pilgrimage, next (not necessarily in that order) & then Half Moon Lane.
The others below that.:eek:
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