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Advice Please

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I know I will probably get a whole load of conflicting responses but i need some help.

I wil shortly be in a position to buy myself a sop sax. I have been using a loaner from a friend for the last few months but now I have to bite the bullet and buy my own.

I am very confused. of course I would love to spend several 000 of pounds but my budget is pretty much restricted to a max of about £1,500.

I have seen the Keilworth ST90 that is a good make but a student model. It is about £1,000.

However I have also seen several "pre-loved" ones for a similar price but if Intermediate or pro std.

What is the big difference between the student and inter/pro horns? What will I notice?


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Thanks both - yep, my spelling is atrosiuos attrocius, Very bad!

I would love to afford the SX Keilwerth but the budget won't stretch. I wasn't looking at the Bauhaus ones as I was warned to stay clear of the chinese and other asian horns. But my local shop has an M2 for a reasonable price.

I think I will have to see how the budget goes. The Yam 475 is winning at the moment.

Lesley x
Well, I have done it. I bought myself a nice new Yam 475 and she is gorgeous. All of the high notes that elluded me on the Yam 61 I was using now sing out clear and in tune (not wild and fluctuating as before).

The guy I bought it from was very helpful. He offers a rental scheme and buy back if you change yr mind. The buy back is for the original purchase price minus whatever the monthly rental charge would have been. When I bought my Yam he even took some off the price as I didn't need the mouthpiece (and I got a 30 min lesson and a stand!)

So the loaner has gone back and I am now getting to know my "baby". I think we will be friends. She seems to like being played by me so.......

Thanks to everyone for the various offers of help and horns!

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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