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Advice Please

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I know I will probably get a whole load of conflicting responses but i need some help.

I wil shortly be in a position to buy myself a sop sax. I have been using a loaner from a friend for the last few months but now I have to bite the bullet and buy my own.

I am very confused. of course I would love to spend several 000 of pounds but my budget is pretty much restricted to a max of about £1,500.

I have seen the Keilworth ST90 that is a good make but a student model. It is about £1,000.

However I have also seen several "pre-loved" ones for a similar price but if Intermediate or pro std.

What is the big difference between the student and inter/pro horns? What will I notice?


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Sopranos of all saxophones can be tricky to buy. Normally the words cheap and good don't go together.
As for anything else, you can buy new or second hand. If you buy new you will pay a premium for the pleasure of being the first owner and if you buy seconhand you would take advantage of the depreciation which anything undergoes.
Vintage sopranos seem to be more difficult to get used to because of intonation quirks and less well thought of ergonomics, some though swear by them and are prepared to put up with some discomfort and some intonation quirks because of their, in their views, superior sound.

1,500£ would buy you a lot of saxophone these days! You could buy for a lot less Yamaha SS 475 probably the best saxophone for a student out there.
Great sound and ergonomics for little money.

If you have seen some Keilwerths (please forgive me if I a m pointing out to you that your spelling of the brand was wrong) and you like them , leave the ST 90 alone in favour of a SX 90 (I-II or III).

I have one of these for sale and I can tell you that they are very special horns.
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well, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that 1500£ would buy you a SX 90 II if you wanted to :bluewink:
Ooh, now that's a sweet deal!

Not only is the SX a great horn, Milandro is a thoroughly decent chap. A recommended deal on both counts.

thank you Stephen! :)
Thanks both - yep, my spelling is atrosiuos attrocius, Very bad!

I would love to afford the SX Keilwerth but the budget won't stretch. I wasn't looking at the Bauhaus ones as I was warned to stay clear of the chinese and other asian horns. But my local shop has an M2 for a reasonable price.

I think I will have to see how the budget goes. The Yam 475 is winning at the moment.

Lesley x
I have a 475 too......I 've also sent you a PM to which you don't seem to have given an answer
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